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Los Muchachos

Los Muchachos Motorcycle Club was co-founded by Zuess and Highlander in the Mile High city of Denver , Colorado . Kindred brothers who were born for the love of the ride and respect of the road they both served their country in the Armed Forces from the mid ‘80's to the early ‘90's. Building on that code of respect, honor, integrity and the traditional values, they saw camaraderie, goodwill, friendship along with safe riding as their inspiration and idea for a club, during a ride to a bar called The Piper Inn in February 1997. Wanting to be a group of independent riders in a multi brand organization, and enjoying the fact that all bikers are equal, they both thought up the name and Los Muchachos was created.

Los Muchachos colors, consists of a one piece square patch which is seen as the background on this and other pages. It shows the lone wolf howling at the full moon represents strength and individuality. A road in the desert represents the rich history of the open road across America . And at the top the club name.

Los Muchachos MC officially started in March 1997 with Zuess and Highlander as Co-Presidents. Additional members (Joker, Mongo and Warrior) joined and the Founding Fathers of the club was formed. The then local club, had rides throughout Colorado and enjoyed rallies around the region. With the moving of Co-President, Highlander, to western New York, the clubs second chapter was formed. The third chapter was established in Minneapolis , MN in August 2004. Additional national chapters in Ohio and Washington and international chapters were also established by 2010. Our largest member inductation to date.

The club is run much like the very same motorcycle club rules established over 50 years ago by other motorcycle clubs, with a few exceptions. We are NOT 1%'ers. We believe in having female Full Members, provided they ride their own motorcycle. We are not a HOG chapter but most of our members do belong to HOG and many outside organizations such as ABATE and the Patriot Guard Riders.  We have chapters nationally and internationally and have a strong brotherhood between all chapters.

We are independent therefore we do not belong to any associations.  We have the same probationary and hang around traditions that other MCs have established many years ago and we stand together as brothers and sisters in our club. We have our own clubhouses and those who have ridden, partied and know us know we are bikers.

We ride, party and mind our own business and will not create any problems for our community or fellow bikers or other clubs. We participate in charities that we feel benefit our communities and we support our own.  We are veterans, active duty military, construction workers, mechanics, businessmen, cooks, and any other occupation you can think of.  We are about motorcycles, brotherhood and enjoying the biker lifestyle.

Los Muchachos is proactive and believes in issues which affect the motorcycling communittee. Even though the club is young, we are expanding and look forward to celebrating twenty-two years of Muchachohood in March 2019.

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